Neurologic immune-related Adverse Events

Neurologic irAEs commonly include a spectrum of encephalitis/meningitis, neuropathy, myositis and myasthenia gravis, and affect the peripheral nervous system in two thirds of published cases. Comprehensive knowledge of neurologic irAEs, including prospective incidence, risk factors, pathophysiology, optimal treatments and long-term outcomes, is limited. Treatment guidelines are based on consensus, and not evidence. As we treat more patients with immunotherapy and concurrently observe an increase in patients experiencing neurotoxicity, the urgent need to understand how and why these neurologic irAEs occur, and how to best manage them, is clear.  

Deliverable 1 – Consensus disease definitions and severity ratings of the central and peripheral nervous system irAEs for use in clinical care and clinical trials.

Deliverable 2 – A scalable Neuro irAE Patient Registry for clinical and translational research, and clinical trials.