Global Oncology Big Data Alliance

The mission of the Global Oncology Big Data Alliance is to connect and empower the oncology community with big data and advanced analytical capabilities to accelerate discovery, development and delivery of innovative treatment to cancer patients.


The Global Oncology Big Data Alliance (GOBDA) is a novel strategic organization to provide new opportunities for collaboration and cooperation. Founded on the belief that collaboration speeds innovation, GOBDA is a federation of pharmaceutical industry stakeholders working together to accelerate the delivery of new cancer therapies, particularly in areas of high unmet need.  

Through Project Data Sphere, GOBDA funds pre-competitive multidisciplinary research teams of experts in oncology, data science and regulatory medicine to freely share expertise, information and analytic tools to accelerate delivery of effective treatments for cancer patients. But GOBDA members are more than sponsors; they are full participants on multi-disciplinary teams of experts pursuing a patient-centered approach to cancer research. GOBDA is currently sponsoring teams of experts to work on the following initiatives:

  • Expansion of data types on Project Data Sphere’s open-access virtual platform to include imaging, genomic and real-world evidence as well as clinical trial data and the addition of SAS-enabled advanced analytic tools. 
  • Rare disease patient registry of real-world evidence captured from patient electronic health records from multiple clinical sites. 
  • Standards for collecting, categorizing and reporting on immune-related adverse events.