CEO Roundtable on Cancer Annual Meeting

Each autumn for 17 years, more than 60 members and friends of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer, Inc. meet at the SAS Global Headquarters in Cary, NC, to renew the charge issued to founding members in 2001 by President George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the United States, to “do something more about cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment within your own family as well as within your corporate family."

As an initiative of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer, Inc.'s Life Sciences Consortium, Project Data Sphere, is a significant feature of these annual meetings.

September 22, 2020
November 7, 2019 to November 8, 2019
November 13, 2018 to November 14, 2018
November 7, 2017 to November 8, 2017