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Prostate Cancer DREAM Challenge data sets

SponsorResearcher CuratedData ProviderResearcher CuratedTotal Study Enrolled Patients2070Comparator (Control) Arm Enrolled Patients2070RandomizationNo
Study PhaseClinical Study Phase IIBBlinding MethodOtherType(s) of dataOnly comparator arm dataIntervention TypeOtherDataset TypeOther

Clinical Trial Title

Prostate Cancer DREAM Challenge data sets

Trial Summary and Conditions

This Prostate Cancer DREAM Challenge data includes the curated training dataset as well as two validation datasets. All source data is hosted on and available study documentation (e.g. case report form, protocol, etc.) may be viewed by visiting the links below.

The training dataset was curated from three different data sets:
(2) ASCENT2:

The validation datasets - named leaderboard and validation - were used for interim and final scoring, respectively. These datasets are subsets of the ENTHUSEM1C study located here:

To learn more about the Prostate Cancer DREAM Challenge, please visit:

Data Summary


Study Objectives


Outcome Measures


Available Downloads:

To gain access to the data and analytic tools click here.

PROTOCOL: PCDC Protocol, CRF Location.pdf

CRF: PCDC Protocol, CRF Location.docx

DATA DICTIONARY: Challenge_data_dictionary v2.xlsx