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About Us

Project Data Sphere, LLC (PDS), an independent, not-for-profit initiative of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer's Life Sciences Consortium (LSC), operates the Project Data Sphere platform, a free digital library-laboratory that provides one place where the research community can broadly share, integrate and analyze historical, patient-level data from academic and industry phase III cancer clinical trials.

The Project Data Sphere platform is available to researchers affiliated with life science companies, hospitals and institutions, as well as independent researchers. Anyone interested in cancer research can apply to become an authorized user.

Howard Scher MD, Chief of GU Oncology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NYHoward Scher, MD
Chief of GU Oncology
Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Cancer Center, NY
"As a community, we must do more to drive progress. Cancer research is too slow. Making a difference demands a change in the research paradigm."

A goal of the Project Data Sphere initiative is to spark innovation. The Project Data Sphere initiative can help the cancer community unlock the potential of valuable data by generating new insights and opening up a new world of research possibilities.

The true power of this platform will come from an engaged, diverse and global community focused on advancing future research to improve the lives of cancer patients and their families around the world.

Nancy Roach, Cancer Survivor and Chair, Fight Colorectal CancerNancy Roach, Cancer Survivor
Chair, Fight Colorectal Cancer
"The platform allows researchers to combine trials to create larger more helpful datasets, something they have wished for a very long time."
Stephen H. Friend, MD. PhD,  President, Sage BionetworksStephen H. Friend, MD PhD
President, Sage Bionetworks
"Patients participate in research because we want to help others. The Project Data Sphere initiative expands our ability to do that by extending our participation far beyond a single trial, so we can help even more."

How it Works


De-identifying patient-level data for research purposes is possible. It is the responsibility of the data provider, in accordance with applicable laws and data protection policies.


The Project Data Sphere platform was developed by SAS, an industry leader in data security and analytics. State of the art analytic tools are available on demand to registered users within the platform.


Uniform legal agreements: data sharing and online services user agreements, have been developed to govern how data will be shared and used.


The platform minimizes the barriers for individual organizations to share data. Additional resources will be required for data preparation.


      • Successful NCI-NCORP Data Archive Integration


      • Letter of Support: Dr. Richard Pazdur, FDA Oncology Center of Excellence

        FDA Letter of Support

      • PDS-inspired Sounding Board: The New England Journal of Medicine

        The New England Journal of Medicine

    • 2017

      • 3 additional peer-accepted pace-setting manuscripts: The Lancet Oncology, PLOS One

        Peer Reviewed Publications

      • Broad NCI-NCTN Data Sharing begins with Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology


      • 12 peer-reviewed publications (4 manuscripts)

        Peer Reviewed Publications

    • 2016

      • 13 Data Providers: Industry, NCI-NCTN, Academia


      • Prostate Cancer DREAM Challenge Complete

        Prostate Cancer Challenge

      • Initial Data Goal Met

        25k Patient Lives Goal

    • 2015

      • 7 Charter Data Providers: Industry, NCI-NCTN


      • Launch

        Initial version of Project Data Sphere

    • 2014

Meet the Leadership

  • Dr. James Goodnight
  • Robert A. Ingram
  • Martin J. Murphy, DMedSc, PhD, FASCO
  • David Handelsman
  • Bill Louv
Dr. James Goodnight, Vice President
Robert A. Ingram, 2nd Vice President
Martin J. Murphy, DMedSc, PhD, FASCO, Founding Chief Executive Officer
David Handelsman, Vice President of Development
Bill Louv, President