Journal Publications

Project Data Sphere's success is ultimately measured by the practice-changing scientific insights discovered by the research community. We are proud to share the following list of peer-accepted publications, and we are grateful to the data providers, research scientists, and patients that make this possible.

Article Title Journal
Case Studies for Overcoming Challenges in Using Big Data in Cancer Cancer Research
Challenges to Using Big Data in Cancer Cancer Research
Fish intake and risk of cardiovascular events: an analysis of the VITAL cohort European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
An omnibus test for detection of subgroup treatment effects via data partitioning Annals of Applied Statistics
Imaging endpoints for clinical trial use: a RECIST perspective Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer
Time-to-event surrogate endpoint validation using mediation analysis and meta-analytic data Biostatistics
Clinical Trial Data-sharing Policies Among Journals, Funding Agencies, Foundations, and Other Professional Organizations: A Scoping Review Journal of Clinical Epidemiology
Tumor Growth Rate Informs Treatment Efficacy in Metastatic Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: Application of a Growth and Regression Model to Pivotal Trial and Real-World Data The Oncologist
Integrated but Isolated: Implications from a Systematic Review of the Access Control Ecosystem for Individual Participant Data in Clinical Studies John Wiley & Sons, Ltd (asis&t)
The heterogeneity effect of surveillance intervals on progression free survival Journal of Applied Statistics
Validating a membership disclosure metric for synthetic health data Jamia Open
Development of castration resistance in prostate cancer patients treated with luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone analogues (LHRHa): results of the ANARESISTANCE study SpringerLink
Effect of Cancer Stage on Adverse Kidney Outcomes in Patients Receiving Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors for Melanoma ScienceDirect
Exploring the potential of machine learning for more efficient development and production of biopharmaceuticals AIChE Biotechnology Progress