Symposium X - Data Sharing


Thank You for Joining Us

This year's symposium was a huge success, and we would like to thank all attendees and speakers for joining us. We look forward to receiving your survey responses to help shape future events! Have more feedback to share? Email us anytime. 

Overview: For the last 6 years, the CEO Roundtable on Cancer’s Project Data Sphere (PDS) has actively partnered with the FDA through a series of symposia focused on building consensus within the scientific community in support of advanced cancer research.  These Symposia have become a platform to discuss topics across policy & regulatory guidance, methods to advance oncology research, and patient advocacy.  

The FDA and Project Data Sphere are energized by Symposium X’s theme on clinical trial data reuse. Our objective is to offer new ways to think about data sharing.  With a strong lineup of oncology and data experts from regulatory agencies, academia, and industry, participants will have the opportunity to interact with thought leaders in data sharing and reuse best practices.  COVID-19 and heightened public awareness of pharmaceutical development in clinical trials has set the stage to engage and advocate for more sharing and reuse of clinical research data and information.

Topic:  Data sharing & reuse of oncology clinical research data – policies and practices that enable greater access and utilization of patient level data.   

Objective: Build consensus around methods, policies, and a clear understanding of actions as it relates to sharing clinical trial data.  This may include a deeper understanding of incentives and sustainable practices from regulatory, research, and implementation science perspectives.  Specifically, core objectives will include:

  • Bringing patient centricity into focus by making clinical trial data accessibility a common and standard practice across industry to maximize the value of patients’ participation.
  • Highlighting the regulatory and government perspective around policy implementation and incentivization to adopt innovative clinical trial designs leveraging historic data.
  • Noting the spectrum of behavior tied to clinical trial data sharing by industry and academia; identify how we can better balance incentives to maximize the utility of clinical trial.  
  • Determining the most critical areas where greater access and reuse can have a significant impact for clinical research and ultimately patients.   Consider opportunities in pediatrics and rare diseases.
  • Learn from the disruption from, and response to COVID-19 to accelerate innovation in clinical research.  




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