Project Data Sphere® Data Platform

The Project Data Sphere® platform enables researchers to explore and investigate patient-level cancer clinical trial data aggregated from industry, academia and government.  

Visitors may explore the information about the clinical trial inventory available within the platform. Those interested in gaining access to the patient-level data as well as the platform's embedded analytical tools need to complete a straightforward online registration process. Approval typically takes 1-2 days, and no research proposal is required. 

  • Open access
  • Quick approval process
  • No research proposal is needed for our Open-Access data
  • SAS® analytic tools for registered users

Once approved, researchers have the ability to not only search for data of interest, but also to begin exploring and investigating that data directly. In most cases, authorized researchers will be able to download patient-level data sets of interest to their preferred analytics environment, and in all cases authorized researchers will be able to explore and investigate the patient-level data using the rich set of data preparation and analytic software solutions provided within the platform.

There are no fees associated with accessing the data or the analytics tools.