Ravi Komandur, PhD

Director, Rare Tumor Registries Program

Ravikumar Komandur Elayavilli joined Project Data Sphere in September 2019 as a Program Manager. Ravikumar has more than ten years of experience in cutting edge data science problems aligned to solving key clinical issues. He has applied the state of the art machine learning approaches in the natural language and image processing space. He has 40+ publications to his credits and has presented in premier international conferences. Some of his research work has translated into products or intellectual property. Notable among them are RLIMS-P, a natural language processing engine, He has served as a scientific reviewer for many reputed journals such as BMC Bioinformatics, Journal of clinical informatics, Bioinformatics, and conferences like AMIA, Pacific Symposium of Biocomputing. Ravi was an entrepreneur and co-founded TexFlame, a startup that developed products in the area of systems biology and natural language processing. He holds a Ph.D. in Computational Biology.

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